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   Better than all the gold in the world, Better than    diamonds, Better than Pearls,  Better than any       material thing, Is the love of a dog, And all the        joy it brings. 

                                "Laura Jaworski "

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'Lil' Rascal Kennel English Springer Spaniel Puppies
​Love is being owned by a Springer Spaniel

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Lil' Rascal Kennel and the dogs that started it all.

Lil' Rascal Kennel

Beginning with a single hunting dog known as Spanky Spaniel, my wife Gail and I, founded 'Lil' Rascal Kennel in 1999 after discovering the intelligence, versatility, devotion, and love an English Springer Spaniel has to offer. The desire of 'LiL' Rascal Kennel is to provide your family with that same love, adoration, and devotion. Along with the conformation and good looks our dogs are known for, our primary consideration when breeding is attitude and personality. Keeping in mind the Springer standards concerning size and conformation; we try to capitalize on their loving attitude, joyous character, willingness to please, high intelligence, and non-aggressive nature.

​​AKC English Springer Spaniels


Meet the gang; loving-loyal-intelligent, a life-long companion, our springer spaniel puppies have everything your looking for.